August 14-15 | 
Boston, MA

A peer-to-peer exchange of leadership, strategy and approach in advancing data science capability

Data science is revolutionizing business practice across every industry sector. Seniors leaders of this new and nascent function now need a professional network to share and benchmark best practices for optimizing value for business.

Join senior data science leaders at the Data Science Leaders (DSL) East Coast Network in Boston to connect, share learning, solve problems and enhance your management strategy.

  • Building a data science program and team that meet the needs of business and overcome hiring challenges to develop top talent
  • Optimizing engagement with senior and middle management and embed data science into organizational DNA
  • Implementing effective ways to measure impact and demonstrate ROI of your data science function
  • Refining technology infrastructure and data processes for scale up and efficiency
  • Delivering projects to objective, on time, with strong buy-in from business partners
  • Evolving and maturing your data science capability to remain fit for the future

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Key Supporter:


"The role of Chief Data Scientist is relatively new, and it's essential to share knowledge about how we can fit into a company"

Chief Data Scientist, DataCamp

"I'm excited to collaborate and learn from other leaders in the data science community on how various industries are applying these powerful tools to drive value for their organizations"

Chief Data Scientist, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

"Data Science is changing. It needs to be internalized and planned for, a lot is needed to know how to deal with new infrastructure and more"

Chief Data Scientist, Intel