August 14-15 | 
Boston, MA

Morning Workshops
Monday, August 13 2018

11.00 - 13.00
Workshop A – Building a Data Science Program

Developing an internal data science capability requires a cultural shift, a strategic mapping process that aligns with existing business objectives, a technical infrastructure that can host new processes, and an organizational structure that can alter business practice to create measurable impact on business functions.

This workshop will take you through ways to consider the vast opportunities for data science to identify and prioritize what will add the most value to your organization, and then budget and hire into commitments. Learn the most effective ways to establish data science objectives from a business perspective including recruiting, retention, goaling, and improving business.

Workshop Leader: Haftan Eckholdt, Chief Data Science Officer, Plated

Afternoon Workshops
Monday, August 13 2018

14.00 - 16.00
Workshop C – Designing & Building a Team

Creating and growing a successful team in the current competitive hiring market can be a challenge. Learn valuable hiring strategies from creating the perfect job description right through creating career pathways to keep your data scientists engaged.

This session will also explore best practices for evaluating talent and offer interesting interviews techniques when under time constraints. You will equally have the opportunity to compare different team models to establish the best fit for your company.

Workshop Leader: Ed Wiley, Chief Innovation Officer, PenLink